Thoughts on the life of M.F. Akhundov

Mirza Fatali Akhundov (1812 – 1878) is a great author, playwright, and philosopher. Indeed, he is founder of the national theatre, literary criticism, realist narrative, democratic philosophy and aesthetics in Azerbaijan, as well as the first reformer of the Azeri alphabet. Following Nizami Gancavi and Muhammed Fuzuli, Akhundov started a “new era” in Near Eastern literature. He is the person, who opens new levels of philosophical reflection in the Islamic cultures of this region. After six comedies, not to mention a short story “Deceived Stars”, Akhundov worked as a social reformer from the 1960’s till the end of his life. This is evidenced in his fight concerning alphabetical reform as an attempt to enlighten and raise Azeri culture and language. Continue reading


A Talk To Be Delivered To The Gruntlers At The Poetry Café


The great Azerbaijan poet Imadaddin Nasimi (1369-1417), whose name, more than six hundred years later is still known as a symbol of bravery, selflessness and determination in Near Eastern Countries. Surprisingly, however, he was flayed and then killed, because of his beliefs and radical ideas. Indeed, with his last breath, this lover of truth was unrepentant regarding his philosophy, which is why he is praised to this day in the poems of other poets and by the music of ozans.

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