Hello! My name is Sanan. As an Internationalist as well as a Humanist, I take a serious interest in Literature, Philosophy and Politics. The reason for creating this blog, is to share my thoughts and explorations with all those people who believe that the World can be a better place and that knowledge is the only true redeemer.


  1. hello Sanan


    can i use this materials in another sites?
    For instance i want to create a fanpage for
    Nasimi in facebook,..

  2. Hello Azer…
    Of course you can use, but please cite me as a source…
    And please send me a membership invitation on Facebook… (Sanan Aly – you can find me by this name)

    I wish you good luck…

  3. ok,..thank you vey much:)

  4. While knowledge is the true redeemer, love is its conduit. I, too, believe the wiorld can and will become a better place for all. First we must realize that we are one. If we cannot love ourselves first we cannot love our neighbors.

  5. chock harekatiz dan khoshoom galdi

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